Life or something like it

When I was around 5 until 10 or maybe a bit older, I would sleepwalk. I would hear second hand stories from my mother about how she found me in the kitchen, searching for tape for reasons I wouldn’t explain, there was an incident where I woke up in the shower and panicked, not remembering how I got there. These stopped when I got to be a teenager and got pushed aside for embarrassing ammunition later in life.
Then my oldest son started sleepwalking, only he started younger. The first time I can remember was when he was 3, I woke up to him perched like a gargoyle on top of the radiator next to my bed. At least I THINK he was sleeping. Then when he was older he would stand at the top of the stairs and just stare straight ahead, or wake me up in a panic…

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~ by lvgaudet on February 9, 2017.

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