Review: A Cure for Wellness

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acureforwellnessA Cure for Wellness should be a film for me; surreal, Gothic imagery, sinister mystery, beautiful camerawork and plenty of 18 rated material. But… something didn’t quite work for me.

A career-driven businessman involved with the stock market, upon receiving a promotion, must travel to Switzerland and track down his old CEO so a merger could be signed for. But the letter left at the company written by his boss appears to be insane ramblings about a “Cure” for a sickness everyone has, at a clinic in Switzerland.

Gore Verbinski in recent years has only been known for directing the Pirates of the Caribbean movies (the original trilogy at least) and it is easy to forget that he in fact directed the very competent American remake of Japanese horror The Ring. So when his name is stamped on this 18 rated, Gothic surrealist horror/thriller, you might not want to be so…

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~ by lvgaudet on March 10, 2017.

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